Food and Drug Industry

Comark Food Catalogue

Comark Food Catalogue
Precision instrumentation and monitoring solutions for the food industry.
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Comark C22FKIT : Caterers Food Kit with C22 thermometer and penetration probe

Comark C22FKIT
C22 Food Thermometer has an easy to use keypad and large LCD display with Thermistor/Type T thermocouple probe. Use for taking temperature measurements in a wide range of food applications from manufacture to service.

Comark N5001USB HACCP Auditor

Comark N5001
The Comark Auditor is a compact data management tool for logging, monitoring and managing data. Specifically designed for use in HACCP, due diligence and health and safety systems, the instrument can be programmed for almost any type of check.

Comark RF500 Wireless Monitoring Solutions

RF500 Wireless Monitoring Solutions
The RF500 system is suitable for use in any industry where specific temperature or humidity levels need to be maintained and monitored so products are stored and systems are operated at optimum levels for safety and energy efficiency.

Vaisala DL2000 Temperature and Humidity Loggers

Vaisala DL2000 Temperature and Humidity LoggersThe Vaisala DL2000 series data loggers are fully validatable and designed for regulated industries/pharmaceutical applications — with NIST-traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 calibration, cGMP-compliant measurement and redundant recording of temperature and humidity.

Comark N2000 Series Standalone Data Loggers

Comark N2000 Series Standalone Data LoggersComark’s Diligence EV range of data loggers provides a complete solution for the measurement of temperature, humidity or mA current. The loggers are stand-alone, lightweight and small enough to be used almost anywhere that regular monitoring is required

Comark Cloud - Wireless Temperature Data Loggers With Cloud Storage

Wireless Temperature Data Loggers With Comark CloudComark’s online cloud storage is a simple way to store and access important temperature records, safe in the knowledge that they are saved in a secure location.

Vaisala HMT140 Wi-Fi Data Logger

Vaisala HMT140 Wi-Fi Data Logger
The Vaisala HMT140 wireless data logger is designed for humidity, temperature and analog signal monitoring in warehouses, freezer and cryogenic farms, laboratories, blood banks and many other life science applications.

Comark RF542 Remote Data Monitor

Comark RF542 Remote Data Monitor
RF542 connects via a port to LAN or WAN anywhere so you can expand your monitoring system using your existing network.

FoodPro and FoodPro Plus Food Safety Thermometers

Fluke FoodPro
The easy-to-use and highly accurate Fluke FoodPro non-contact thermometer instantly measures surface temperature, allowing users to make rapid and frequent non-contact temperature measurements without risk of cross contamination